TBT Book Spotlight: Voice in the Wilderness

Happy Thursday, Reader Friends! I have a new book for your TBT Book Spotlight! Today we have H. L. Wegley's Voice in the Wildnerness. This throwback read takes us to 2015. Don't forget to check out the trailer! About the Book The Blurb: "What if your blog could save the nation, but posting to it might cost… Continue reading TBT Book Spotlight: Voice in the Wilderness


Prayerful Wednesday – Hope and Endurance

Welcome to Prayerful Wednesday! I have a new prayer for you, one of hope and endurance. With all that is going on in the world, I figured we all could use the reminder. If you have a prayer request, please feel free to add it to the comments or fill out the contact form. Blessings… Continue reading Prayerful Wednesday – Hope and Endurance


Author Interview: Eleanor Gustafson

Happy Tuesday, Reader Friends! Thanks for joining me today. Would you welcome Eleanor Gustafson to Soulfully Romantic? She's stopped by to chat about her novel, The Stones. About the Book The Blurb: "With comprehensive detail and flowing prose, Eleanor Gustafson crafts the retelling of King David's life-from his teenaged anointing to his death-as seen through the… Continue reading Author Interview: Eleanor Gustafson


Interview with M. L. Hamilton

Happy Monday, Reader Friends! Thanks for stopping by today. I have a new interview for you this great Monday. Author M. L. Hamilton has blessed me with the opportunity to talk to her regarding her latest novel, Pendant. I simply adore this cover. It's so simple yet intriguing and captivating at the same time. Let's find out… Continue reading Interview with M. L. Hamilton

Sales Releases Giveaways

Friday’s Sales, Releases, Giveaways – 12/8/17

TGIF!! Hi, Reader Friends! I'm happy to bring you another list of good reads for Friday's Sales, Releases, & Giveaways! I hope you enjoy this weekly post. My author friends are so kind to send me all their info so that I can share their deals with you. Please, if you read their books, leave… Continue reading Friday’s Sales, Releases, Giveaways – 12/8/17


TBT Book Spotlight: Redigo’s Choice

It's #TBT, Reader Friends! Today's Throwback Thursday Book Spotlight, Redigo's Choice, takes us back to 2008. You'll be interested to find more about this author! Grab a cup of tea and learn more! About the Book The Blurb: "A poor Texas cowboy, a wealthy Mexican socialite, a whirlwind romance, and a secret marriage: the ingredients… Continue reading TBT Book Spotlight: Redigo’s Choice


Prayerful Wednesday – Family Focus

Happy Wednesday, Reader Friends! Today I'm sharing a prayer to focus on the family more this holiday season. Will you join me? I'd also like to offer prayers to anyone in need. You can leave your prayer request in the comments or fill out the contact form. I will be sure to pray for you.… Continue reading Prayerful Wednesday – Family Focus


Interview with Robin E. Mason

Happy Tuesday, Reader Friends! Thanks for stopping by Soulfully Romantic today. I have another interview for you this week. Robin E. Mason has stopped by to talk about her latest book, The Tilting Leaves of Autumn. Grab a hot drink and learn more about Robin! About the Book The Blurb: "The southern town of Saisons lies… Continue reading Interview with Robin E. Mason


Interview with Brenda Cox

Happy Monday, Reader Friends! I hope your weekend was filled with lots of books. If you haven't gotten enough--and who can?--then check out today's featured read, Tethered, written by Brenda Cox. Brenda has been kind enough to let me interview her so you can find out more about her latest book and herself. Grab a cup of… Continue reading Interview with Brenda Cox