Deck the Shelves

Kendall Jackson is the proud owner of Heartfalls’ bookstore, The Cozy Shelf. Her life is one straight out of the pages, except she’s missing that leading man. Although she has a crush on the handsome auto mechanic, Quinton Hendricks, Kendall wants an old-fashioned type of romance—the stuff swoon-worthy romance books are made of. But Quinton seems to need a little prodding.

Something about Kendall sparks hope in Quinton Hendricks that love could be his again. Only being abandoned by his ex-wife has made him cautious to the point of non-moving.

Can two people hesitant on second chances find love as they Deck the Shelves?

*Featured in the Comfort & Joy boxset

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Comfort & Joy

The third-annual Christmas Lights Collection is pleased to present: Comfort & Joy–five Christmas Novellas.  From contemporary romance to cozy mystery and suspense, this diverse collection celebrates the comforts and joys of Christmas.

Frost Heaves: A missing child. A single mom. An Alaskan trooper. There’s more to fear this winter than just the cold.

Deck the Shelves: Can a bookstore owner looking for a swoon-worthy romance and a mechanic hesitant to trust his heart find love that will last?

The Trouble with Christmas Cheer: Returning home for Christmas, Sissy and Sassy Crawford embroil themselves in a mystery best left to the real detectives. Except they’re the only ones available.

The Christmas Glory Quilt: Scrap quilts, bridal gowns, an old Swedish homestead, and a family mystery. What more can you want in a Minnesota Christmas romance?

The Ghosts of New Cheltenham:  When the ghosts of Mitchell’s past converge on those he must conjure in the present, the results become ghastly.